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Post by Camaga on Thu Aug 18, 2016 3:49 pm

@M.fatihII wrote:de gonite ovu picku odavde sta vam se on ima u sve mjesati nema pojma o nicemu a i kao da vas voli nema sta nije rekao i za srbiju i bosnu za muslimane za pravoslavce ii vi ovo dopustate samo mu u cilju da huska jedne na druge da se svadjate/mo.

Ko to?
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Post by Clive on Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:37 pm

[quote="marko-earth"]I like how Iron(y) took entire system and construction from old RV, everything from Senate and democratic ways of bringing decisions, trough mostly same people and usurping RV forum, to the forum rules and code of conduct. Literally everything is the same, except that they switched sides and instead of being member of the Alliance, they are now HoS vassals, with Gorilla as cult leader.
Funny thing that for same rules, forum and people I was a dictator, while same clan system and structure is OK lol. Practically now is obvious what was all about. At 1st I thought it was just sick need for trolling of several inactive guys, now I see it was all about RTW policy and switching sides from Alliance leader toward HoS vassal(it is known that Clive, vT and Camaga never liked CoH, probably IoW too).
Then I am the one who `lead` RTW politics(not those who ruining entire clan cause of that).
I am the one who start talking about real life and real life policy lmao(not those who laugh on deaths of my relatives, those who cheat, those who talk about personal welfare, or those who talk about genocides, or geopolitics and political wars from recent periods).
I am the one who is bad boy for kicking idiots from my tourneys(who would sit on skulls of dead babies, or those who would like to see 1 billion of people exterminated, cause of their religion). Oh right all those are jokes. Lets laugh hahahahahaha.
Bunch of frustrated idiots...[/quote

Attention seeking whore called Earth.
Stop lying.
We are HoS vassals even tho Zig and Zyzz argue all the time with HoS members.Even tho I showed my dislike publicly.
Yeah nice try with saying that we hate IoW and CoH.Do you really think you are smarter then everybody else?Trying to get IoW and CoH against us.LoL
We have no hate towards IoW or CoH.
I hate your reasoning.
If you don't agree with me you are against me.
Understand already,
if somebody agrees with somebody over one thing
it does not mean that the first person agrees with the second person on evrything.
If I agree with Aragon when he says that you are insane that does not mean I agree with Aragon on anything else.
People have this amazing power.It's called common sense.
Buy it.

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Post by M.fatihII on Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:39 pm

aragona camanga
ahhahaahhaah molim da se pogleda Reply - Page 2 3396900116

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Post by Sponsored content

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