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World of Rome Tourney

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World of Rome Tourney Empty World of Rome Tourney

Post by Terminator on Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:45 am

Trying to create a single unbiased tourney during the interim between CoNs. Will be hosted every 6 months.

This will be clean slated for everyone who has a past history of flaming/cheating. Departure from rules will result in disqualification for all future World of Rome tournaments.

Rules will be standard cwb:
Best of 3
1st game: Top bracket picks match/bottom picks faction
2nd game: Bottom picks match/top picks faction
3rd game: Rome/Rome

cwb, grassy flats, midday/morning, no restricted cam, 15k-15k, no red-line camping/ 2 hidden units max. No deliberate use of swamp area of map for strategic advantage.

Banned factions are to be determined by vote, if any.

No spamming/flaming

All replays are to be saved by winner.

live-recording encouraged for verification of any rule breaking/flaming.

Anyone who does anything that can be proven to the admin as being against above rules, will be kicked instantly. I need complete screenshots to provide a verdict. Without reasonable proof, the accuser will be kicked from tourney. With reasonable proof, the accused will be kicked from the tourney.

I will do my best to run an unbiased tournament. I will not tolerate flaming from anyone. If I flame, at any point, I will relinquish
admin to person against whom I flamed, or who is voted in to replace me. I will not participate in this event.

If possible, only people who are on regularly, and have proven themselves effective players, should sign up.

Register now.

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